Why nowadays young generation attitudes suck?



Today is public holiday.  For those who celebrate easter, happy easter day.. happy good friday.. may all your joyous will always be with you.

Today, I just wanna share something I also don’t think I understand enough about it. I just don’t know why young adults nowadays not well behave. They’re being so rude. Does not want to pay attention in class. What’s the purpose you’re going to school if during class you’re playing around with your friends and not doing the work given by your teachers? Well, I guess they are clever enough. If they think this world is easy to handle, they’re totally wrong. Some of them think “oh! I have my parents who can afford me” and some think school is not important. I just don’t get it. Life is to short to regret about our past. When we as the adults try to adviced them, they won’t listen.

So guys… any suggestion?

This is still our Sydney

Pray …


Flowers in Martin Place at 9.30am on Tuesday. Flowers in Martin Place at 9.30am on Tuesday.

It’s Monday morning and I’m running late. Walking late. It’s twenty minutes to ten when I turn left from Phillip St into Martin Place.

I don’t look at the Lindt cafe as I pass. My eyes are focused on the Channel Seven news ticker. I can’t remember now what it says but I’m sure Michael Clarke’s hamstring features somewhere.

I love Martin Place, its wide indulgent promenade and its buildings that speak of other times. I always take a moment to breathe it in.

Man Haron Monis is only minutes away. This morbid chapter is already unfolding. By the time I settle at my desk, he has entered the Lindt cafe. The lives of seventeen people going about the mundane business of ordering and serving coffee are now forever changed.

Before long, a large TV screen in our office is showing static…

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In Praise Of Decay (and against plastic)

Wish plastic dissappear!!!

Malcolm Guite

In pale gold leaf-fall losing shape and edge In pale gold leaf-fall losing shape and edge

I walk each morning in some woodland near my home and especially savour in this late autumn, early winter season, the damp carpet of fallen leaves, now decaying and forming  rich mulch that will feed the soil for future growth. Even in their decay, losing edge and shape, melding and blending together there is in this carpet of leaves, a kind of grace and beauty. The other morning though, these meditations were interrupted by a sudden intrusion. There amongst the gold and mottled leaf mould, like some harsh alien excrescence, was a discarded plastic bag. It was totally out of place and told its own tale of indifference and carelessness; not just the carelessness of the person that dropped it, but the carelessness of the culture that produced it. The trees shed their leaves, and in that fall and letting go  achieve…

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Bonjour friends.


Hi guys. Sorry I am away for so many days. Out of internet budget because I used my money for other things. I pay my education loan recently. See the picture above? It’s my favorite food so called ambuyat. Delicious!!!! Add on asam laksa fish and pour a pinch of kasturi. Zasty zesss it’s superb. Taste so good. Feels like wanna eat it right now.

Anyway, I wanna apologise  for being so slow learning in english. I will do my best. I also spoke to my baby in english. He understand me when I say a big NO to him. I hope my baby can speak fluently when he grow up. Hope so.

Thank you for spending your time read my article. It is not much but hope you guys enjoy it.


A Hijra in the family



I was just another boy wanting to be a girl. Now, I’ll be just another boy. I have not complained, nor do I complain now. I only tell a tale, for that’s all I’ve got. A tale, some could relate to.

This is for everyone who sees the queer movement as a superficial rich kid’s tantrum. I hail from a deeply religious middle class family with strong roots in a place known for its gender based crimes.

One of these days if I stopped existing the world wouldn’t know but I don’t want to be just another lgbt person. I don’t want to be just another statistic, just another note. I want to see the light, I want to be able to  hope but I don’t know where to look for hope, where to find it.

There was someone who told me, that maybe I should get my career sorted…

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Block issue

Good Morning my beloved friends. Today’s topic is all about blocking blocking and blocking.

Have you ever been block by someone? Via facebook, twitter, wechat or any other social media platform? Well, it’s a normal thing happen to us. Right?

My issue is someone so called one of my family members which is my aunt block me via wechat for nothing. No reason. Just because she wanted to post something regarding her scandals as she had many and she think I don’t know but the truth is I know!!! She block me.

If I am such a jerk I can easily screen shot what she post and the proof she block me. It has nothing to do with me at all and I don’t know why she block. I hate people like that. You’re a married women so why don’t you just stay loyal to your husband and kids. Even if you not happy, try to solve it. Find a way to be happy with them. Once upon the time you are like crazy women falling in love to your husband and suddenly you let it change and what so ever.

It has nothing to do with me. So please be matured. If you wanna chat bon your husband, no need to hide bitch. Just show your dark side. Sarcastic and hypocrite should be your name.

And for me, if someone block me, don’t you ever show me your face or talk to me. Once you block means you don’t wanna see me again. Fake! She only block me in social media, in reality, simply talk to me. Like nothing happened. 

It’s a waste of timr talking about her. I am so sorry guys if I talk bad things too much. I just wondering what kind of attitude she have. That’s all.

So, if you get block just ignore them. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment or advice me. Sorry about my english or grammar.  I still in the process of learning english language and I hope I have a friend who can chat me via whatsapp to teach me english. That would be great!! (:


Are you one of them?

Have you ever face a people who easily say what they wanna say. As an example “you eat too much and now you look like a pig” or he/she ask you to do this and that and at the end they scold you for what you did according their order. What the f***!

It’s ok to talk shit but please behave yourself before talk to someone who is older from you. Show some respect b otherwise you will get yourself kill.

Have you meet a people who fake? I mean living in a dream and talk to loud and proud about something doesn’t belong to them. Have you?

Well don’t pointed in on me if I talk lousy, loud or whatever as my english is not good. I am learning. Ahaaa. I’m not good in english but at least I try to speak and write it on a piece of paper or type it.

Well. That’s all for tonight. Gotta go.

Thank you if you’re reading this and sorry if my english is not ot good.


Lunch with me


It’s hot here in Malaysia. The sun makes me look even more glowing. Ahaaa. Wishing all my friend “Peace No War ♥♥” . If someone makes you angry or mad just be calm and stay positive.


It’s lunch time. Thank you allah for the meal today. I hope all my friends don’t skip your lunch.


My fish is ready. Look so yummy. This is fish curry. It taste like “ummmpphhhh” super delicious. Want some?? ahaaa…


ok. Gotta go. My meal is ready. Have a nice day guys. Love you all. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment me.


I always remember my mom advice. She is everything to me.

asking for help vs. asking for advice

Always have this probs all day long. *sigh*


“Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose — and would you make the same choice today?” http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/calling-uncle-bob/

Their is a difference between asking for help and asking for advice. Although many people confuse the two they are two different things. Asking for help is just that. If you want help with a math problem you would say something like: “can you help me in understanding this problem?” That is asking for help because you don’t understand how to start the problem.
Asking for advice is a little different. If someone asks for advice they have a small grasp on how to do something but they aren’t quite sure if this is the best step. When asking for advice on a math problem you would say: “am I on…

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This is what I do for living. Stay tuned and be happy.