Are you one of them?

Have you ever face a people who easily say what they wanna say. As an example “you eat too much and now you look like a pig” or he/she ask you to do this and that and at the end they scold you for what you did according their order. What the f***!

It’s ok to talk shit but please behave yourself before talk to someone who is older from you. Show some respect b otherwise you will get yourself kill.

Have you meet a people who fake? I mean living in a dream and talk to loud and proud about something doesn’t belong to them. Have you?

Well don’t pointed in on me if I talk lousy, loud or whatever as my english is not good. I am learning. Ahaaa. I’m not good in english but at least I try to speak and write it on a piece of paper or type it.

Well. That’s all for tonight. Gotta go.

Thank you if you’re reading this and sorry if my english is not ot good.


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