Block issue

Good Morning my beloved friends. Today’s topic is all about blocking blocking and blocking.

Have you ever been block by someone? Via facebook, twitter, wechat or any other social media platform? Well, it’s a normal thing happen to us. Right?

My issue is someone so called one of my family members which is my aunt block me via wechat for nothing. No reason. Just because she wanted to post something regarding her scandals as she had many and she think I don’t know but the truth is I know!!! She block me.

If I am such a jerk I can easily screen shot what she post and the proof she block me. It has nothing to do with me at all and I don’t know why she block. I hate people like that. You’re a married women so why don’t you just stay loyal to your husband and kids. Even if you not happy, try to solve it. Find a way to be happy with them. Once upon the time you are like crazy women falling in love to your husband and suddenly you let it change and what so ever.

It has nothing to do with me. So please be matured. If you wanna chat bon your husband, no need to hide bitch. Just show your dark side. Sarcastic and hypocrite should be your name.

And for me, if someone block me, don’t you ever show me your face or talk to me. Once you block means you don’t wanna see me again. Fake! She only block me in social media, in reality, simply talk to me. Like nothing happened. 

It’s a waste of timr talking about her. I am so sorry guys if I talk bad things too much. I just wondering what kind of attitude she have. That’s all.

So, if you get block just ignore them. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment or advice me. Sorry about my english or grammar.  I still in the process of learning english language and I hope I have a friend who can chat me via whatsapp to teach me english. That would be great!! (:


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