Why nowadays young generation attitudes suck?



Today is public holiday.  For those who celebrate easter, happy easter day.. happy good friday.. may all your joyous will always be with you.

Today, I just wanna share something I also don’t think I understand enough about it. I just don’t know why young adults nowadays not well behave. They’re being so rude. Does not want to pay attention in class. What’s the purpose you’re going to school if during class you’re playing around with your friends and not doing the work given by your teachers? Well, I guess they are clever enough. If they think this world is easy to handle, they’re totally wrong. Some of them think “oh! I have my parents who can afford me” and some think school is not important. I just don’t get it. Life is to short to regret about our past. When we as the adults try to adviced them, they won’t listen.

So guys… any suggestion?

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