Life is complex yet extreme

Some of us may think life is easy, Marriage is a happiness and
Love is wonderful.

Unfortunately some of us may experienced a difficulties way too hard beyond our imagination.

While others are having a good fine family vacation, some is having a hard time. Well, that is life. It is never be fair to us. We never ask for difficulties to overcome us. To bang us straight to our chest until it is hard to breathe. Even some says “just forget about it and enjoy your life” or maybe “everything’s gonna be fine” yet we still feel it is hard even we try our best to do what’s been told. People surround us will never understand what we have beeb through.

A few tips that will help us get through the hard moments:

1. Remain silent & keep calm. It will slowly reduce the anger, anxiety or stress.

2. Find a good place to stay. Sit there for a while to cool down.

3. Do something strange. Take a bath with cold water. A splash of bucket full of ice might help.

4. Turn your music on and move your body. Dancing also help us to release stress.

5. Sleep. Shut down our brain from thinking for a while.

Try one of the following tips and it might help you a little bit so you can free yourself.

Lastly, just follow your guts. Take the right step and do the right thing. Always stay positive and think before you say something or do something.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to comment.


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