Happy 25th Birthday To The Little Mermaid

I’m lovin it! Happy Birthday Ariel. You inspired me when I was a little kid.

the wannabes


Today Ariel’s life story turned 25. She herself was 16 in the story, so she’d be 36, which is nothing to celebrate. Call me when you’re 50, Ariel.

Anyway, this movie meant so much to me as a child I could not breeze past this momentous occasion without acknowledging the lasting legacy of The Little Mermaid herself.

Much has been said about the “ranking” of the Disney princess. E! News ranked her as the second best (Belle got the top spot). Their reasoning:

“Ariel was naive, a quality we have faulted other princesses for—trading your voice for a pair of legs? You got a raw deal, babe. But she was half-fish, so what do you expect? Also, Ariel didn’t settle for her ignorance, this little mermaid wanted to learn. She had dreams and goals and other whozits and whatchamacallits. Mostly though, Ariel had the best songs.”

I believe they perfectly touched…

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